What situations suit 3D photographs?
There aren’t too many limitations - although the more static the scene, the better (unless you are shooting a 3D movie, of course). 3D photos are perfect for any situation where you want to capture memories (family events, weddings, celebrations etc) in a unique way and, perhaps, give unique mementos or gifts. They are a unique way, too, of drawing people to your business stand and giving something that clients will look at again and again.

What are the ‘pros and cons’ of each type?
Straightforward ‘anaglyph’ photos are the cheapest type to produce (there’s a slight colour loss with these). Viewmaster reels are ‘top of the range’ in terms of quality and, therefore more expensive. Very few people in the UK have the skills and tools to make VM reels in small quantities (but, luckily, I know these people!). Stereo Viewcards have been around for a long time (longer than conventional photos) and the ex ‘Queen’ guitarist Brian May is an acknowledged expert and frequently has exhibitions.

A company called Loreo makes inexpensive, collapsible cardboard viewcard viewers. You need good light to view any of these formats.

If you want Viewmaster photos (seven different per reel), you will need to choose appropriate images from your batch of photos (I can advise you) and I will prepare the necessary ‘left’ and ‘right’ images for a small extra fee. I can then tell you how and where to get your reels made (and to buy viewers), or I can do that for you at cost, plus a handling fee.

How do I know what sort of 3D photos to get?
I will advise you but, in any case, I’ll start by producing some anaglyph photo and viewcard samples. I’ll also give you a CD set with all of the images in mono format and all the ‘good’ 3D photos in anaglyph and viewcard format so you can print as many as you like.

How do the costs compare?
It’s the same process (and same cost) to take the photos and to prepare them for 3D photo printing. Producing Viewmaster Reels and providing viewers is expensive and something you would only do for yourself, close friends and family (and special clients).
See ‘Costs’ page for more details - and, of course, please contact me anytime to discuss your options: I’ll be pleased to help.

What do I get for my money?
You get a good sample printed set 3D photos in the format you want with appropriate viewers plus a CD with all of the relevant 3D images. I’ll also give you a CD of all the images in mono format. You can then print as many as you like (or get them professionally printed). If you need extra 3D spectacles or Viewers, I can let you have these for little cost.

What’s the quality like?
It’s OK and it can vary from image to image. It’s not as good as pukka professional photography but the approach isn’t about formal photographs; these are novel and fun items. See the ‘Gallery Page’ to get an idea - or ask me for some samples.

Can I sell my 3D images to raise funds?
Some local scenes lend themselves to this. Basically the answer to this question is ‘yes’ assuming you aren’t breaking any copyright in doing so - but we would need to talk about it.

Could I have my 3D images / cards in digital format so I can print unlimited quantities for myself?
Yes you can. I give you a CD as part of my service (or email images to you, if you prefer).

Please call me on 07718 914739 or 02089792710 if you have any other questions or would like to talk about how and where my ‘Mister3D’ services could help you - or you can email me at wdfreeman@ymail.com

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