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There are three kinds of 3D pictures that I can produce for you (plus 3D movie clips as a fourth option). All of these options I offer you come from the same set of initial photos; I use a special camera (with two lenses) to take the shots and then process them to give you the option(s) you want; only one photographing session is needed to give you any, or all, of these options.

1) ‘Anaglyphs’ : These are the blurry looking type of photos that you need red/blue lens coloured spectacles to view. The boat photo on the right is an anaglyph (though it doesn’t look too blurred on this small image). This is the most  common, the cheapest and the easiest to ‘give away’ as gifts.

2) ‘Stereo Viewcards’: These show two images of the same scene showing how you see it through each eye. When you look through the portable viewer (provided as part of the package) you get dramatic 3D views.
The Viewer is light, collapsible and portable (it’s about the size of a postcard). The Stereo Photocards are 7 inches x 3.5 inches.

Many wedding couples keep a copy of these 3D memories for themselves in a small 7 x 5 inch book - the photo on the right shows such a book and a collapsible viewer.

3) ‘Smartphone 3D’: This is where I give you side by side or anaglyph images for your smartphone and you use an appropriate viewer to look at the photos. Or even a VR viewer.
You can send image sets to your family members and friends as mementos. I can sell you some viewers or you can buy directly.  This is the lowest cost option.

4) ‘Viewmaster Reels’: Circular reels with left/right eye images to give a 3D view. You need a ‘Viewmaster viewer’ to see these. Some of you may remember these items from your childhood and you can now welcome back that comforting ‘click’ as you move on to look at your next 3D photograph.

Each reel has fourteen pictures making up seven 3D images. We would agree which photos you want to see on your personalised viewmaster reel.

Click the photograph on the right to get a reminder of how Viewmasters work. The link will take you to a youtube clip (you’ll only see mono images in this example).

4) ‘3D Movie Clips’: Some people like to have a movie clip of their wedding (for example) that they can look at on a PC or put on a private Youtube channel. These tend to be anaglyph clips and I would provide a DVD and some viewing glasses.

Please call me on 07718 914739 or 02089792710 to discuss any of these options - or you can email me at wdfreeman@ymail.com

Please call me on 07718 914739 or 02089792710 - or you can email me at wdfreeman@ymail.com

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